“I found your material Excellent. It is everything you promised and then some… “

Yours sincerely, “Graphologist in the making”,

~ Cristiano Silei


“I found Bart’s materials (the books and the tapes), to be an extremely useful, easy and entertaining way to learn the valuable skill of handwriting analysis. And if you’re still not sure, he offers a great money-back guarantee, so you could try the materials first to see how well they meet your needs.”

~ Katie Darden, Life Coach, California


“This seminar was amazing! Bart is entertaining to say the least… I really enjoyed the time I’ve spent here this weekend. There is so much to learn about handwriting. Bart makes it easy and fun. I’d encourage anyone interested in this discipline to enroll in one of Bart’s courses. It is such a great way to learn about yourself and others. You can meet so many interesting people!”

—Jennifer Jeffcoat, Sales Rep., Longwood FL,


“Thank you. There is no way to fully express my gratitude for this seminar. I think it came at just the right time. I am very excited that I will be able to help people. I have finally found my niche!

Anyone considering taking this course should stop considering it and DO IT! I’m thrilled in knowing I go home with so much more than ever before.”

— Kim Brown, Private Investigator, Hyde Park, Utah, USA



“I am very happy that I made this investment. I look forward to continuing my education with Handwriting University. The experience has been great, and enrolling in this program has been one of the smartest things I have ever done.”

—Brenda Boelhower, Student, Dayton, NJ


“The seminar has been a rich source of unique and insightful information. It will be a useful addition to my practice. And it was funny as hell too!”

—Clara Griffin, Educator/Personal Coach, Arlington, VA


“This course has helped me personally understand myself clearer and helps me see areas of my personality that need changing. I am fascinated with what makes a person act the way they do, so this can give me great insight. I LOVE THIS COURSE! I believe it is totally worth the money. In fact, I believe you should charge more. You can’t put a price on the information you present and the effects it can have on people.”

—Jody Miller, Sugarland, TX USA


“This course is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I’m already reaping benefits from changing the T bars and Y loops. In just a few weeks my wife has changed in ways that are quite profound in our marriage! ‘Nuf said!”

~ John Grey ,Publisher, Houston, TX


“My Handwriting Analysis Course has had the biggest impact on my life. It was the start of a life transformation. My self-esteem, confidence, creativity, and speed of learning have been dramatically strengthened. The results were quick and permanent. Oh, thank you so much for sharing this information; I recommend it to people everywhere I go!”

~- Lisa Marie Allen-Bitner


“I am making a $100 an hour reading handwriting at private and corporate events, impressing people with my highly accurate assessment of them. My knowledge comes from Bart’s books, courses, and tapes. It all started with what I learned from his “How to Analyze Your Handwriting in 10 Minutes.”

If you want to go in depth with learning handwriting analyses, The Certification Course is the way to go. There is so much information, both in the books and through the tapes of a live course session. I know that I am getting a superior course in becoming a professionally certified handwriting analyst.

Bart Baggett’s courses without a doubt lead the way. You can be sure that you’re getting information that is 100 percent accurate. I feel totally confident in what I tell people about themselves…and the people themselves tell me how accurate I am!!!!”

~ Read Greyer



“I find your products to be of top, top quality. I wish everyone did business your way. Thanks for the great courses! I’ve been thrilled with everything I’ve purchased from you!”

~ Bryan Dean

What recent graduates are saying about the Certification Level Handwriting Analysis Program

Comments from a recent graduation ceremony in Bangalore, India. Hosted by Rafi Baig’s Handwriting Institute India.

In the USA, the cost of the Certification Level Home Study Course cost thousands of US dollars. However, Indians can train locally.

Mrs. Yasmeen G, Special Guest

Get certified as a handwriting expert.

Ms. Kritika Sethi, Student


Prof. B.N. Balaji Singh

Director ( S – I ) PES Group

Reeta Shah – Change in my belief system & grapho-therapy is the most important thing I have learned. I also learned how as a trainer you dealt with people, as I am a trainer this is very important value for me. I also will be adding grapho-theray in my workshops. I will be looking forward to “Campus” as I spoke to you. Me and my daughter will look forward to meeting you. This has made a difference in my life and I will make a difference in other people’s life. Thanx a million.
Rahul Rohra – I can understand myself better. I am more confident in expressing myself, and of course it stands a chance of becoming a career.
Shailesh Palkav – The course was extremely useful and the combination of all traits was really excellent. Thanks for your valuable time in Bombay – India
Devina Desai – This seminar has given us a lot of insight and knowledge on various aspects of letters in one’s handwriting. It was a good workshop. I wish it was longer….it was a great experience. I would like to get the newsletter so I know what is happening and what is the latest trend.
Amecta Shelty – It’s definitely made a difference, and added something to what I already know. It’s been very rewarding and an enriching experience.
Ms. Sheetal Shah – My seminar with Bart was very enlightening. He has given us a wonderful knowledge which is going to help us in understanding relationships. He had a very practical way of teaching us by giving examples and small stories. He made the seminar very easy to understand and he has a wonderful sense of humor. He made us laugh which was rejuvenation for everybody.There were too many myths in one’s mind about analysis and he made it simpler. Since, it’s a very deep subject; I hope he comes again to Bombay soon and not after 5 years again. I am sure that I would be able to understand human psychology much better now as now I would surely want to find out the reasons of the behavior. Bart is an excellent teacher and he relates to people instantly and that’s what helped the students to understand better. Grapho-therapy was explained really wee which will help me and all the people around me.
Vipui – Excellent and enriching teaching.
Sachin Soshi – Bart’s seminar was really excellent. It has really changed my life and it would also help me to change my friends and family life. ….really appreciate you giving us the best tool in life which is going to help a lot.
Kavita Ljupta – Being a part of this workshop was a great opportunity for me to improve my skills of grapho-therapy. The session on it was very enriching. It taught me a way of changing certain formations in my handwriting to attain more success, confidence, and enthusiasm in my life. The course was well structured and delivered very well with a lot of humor and anecdotes, thereby making it very interesting.I am extremely happy to have been a part of this workshop. I hope I can bring about change in lives of people around me using grapho-therapy.
Sneha S. Saraf – I am really happy to come here and feel blessed to attend this session. It has actually answered a lot of questions I had. My handwriting kept changing and I wrote my name in different ways at different times. Now I have the answers to all those questions. This handwriting analysis does help and I will surely try to change myself with this.
Anjali Keswani – This was a wonderful experience, one I will cherish for a long, long time. The grapho-therapy section was good, and this seminar has happened when I needed it – just had a few problems at work. Today, I feel a lot more at peace because I know how I’m going to handle it. Thanks for unwittingly helping me. After this seminar I feel a lot more positive. What I really liked was you tip on how to explain traits, …your encouraging vocals was a plus point as was you humorous style.
Meherunisa Sutarwala – I have an “i,” and “t” in my signature which I require to work upon, to bring out the best in me. Thank you for the simple method of teaching and making a difference in my being. It is great for my improvement in growth.
Mettalii Kuthialaa – This seminar has helped me know myself first and foremost which was a very important thing for me. Secondly, it’s helped me get along with others quite well. I really believe I’ll be able to change or probably heal others through grapho-therapy which has been one of the best experiences knowing you body through the writing that’s a real deep concept.
Ranjeet Kaur Saini – It has made me more confident, more energetic, I will keenly learn this new born art very minutely and bring the drastic changes in all my and my families lives. The “t,” “y,” “g,” “o,” “a,” “m’s,” are so meaningful which will bring a tremendous change in one’s life.Life lived in the past is all gone in vain. A new life has been imbided me to live life to the fullest with energy boosted up.
Namarat P. Parikh – It was great experience for me. I enjoyed and learned most of the things you have taught me and I am going to practice for the betterment of small children. That is my dream which is going to be fulfilled very soon. The meditation experience was superb.
Richa Agrawal – Well, the whole seminar was treat and for the first time I have concentrated and paid attention during the whole thing. But, I really hope that I can make the required changes in my handwriting and also will be able to make changes in others lives.
Sapnna B. Varma – It is useful to me since I am an optimist and a good human being.
Vandana Bham – This seminar has helped me because I am now bigger. I look forward to the changes that will effect me when I change things in my handwriting. I am confident in matters now.
Meenu L. Thakes – It is very useful for me and I intend to use it to be a better mother and teacher.
Renuka D. Desai – I am thankful to you Bart, for such a wonderful seminar. I do feel the power of success and I am sure that I would get what I want!
Ajiit P. Pathaoc – Bart, I thank you for your seminar. It was a great time to learn and know about grapho education. This course shall certainly help me to develop my personality and become rich, healthy, and successful.
Vinod Nair – This programme has helped me realize things about myself and has increased my confidence to a level beyond my imagination. In fact, now I am able to visualize myself in a much better position around a year from now. Thanks a lot for the exciting and enjoyable time.

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“This handwriting course is better than any drug or shrink. I do appreciate your humor- not a boring class. I’m in control of any and all changes in my life; I’m able to remove bad traits, improve traits that improve me as a person. I’m understanding people through handwriting. I’m able to help others change their lives. You were an answered prayer when I found your website!”

~ P. Walla, Corporate Officer, Columbus, TX


“As a result of taking The Certification Course, I know myself, Cons and Pros of my personality. I made establishment… I start gaining money then… now I made, and I’m going to make huge money from it. Also, I know people and I know how to treat them. It is incredible, indirect effect.”

~Ahmad Bani Hasan


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